Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kenny K. Royal/Britney Spears - "If You Seek Amy"

Where the fuck is Amy? The bitch is late.
She said that she'd be here. Man, to hell with this date.
I had this shit planned for her, I'd be a better man for her,
now she playin games and I don't have time for her.
She knows that they all want me, the boys and the girls.
They beggin to get on top, they wanna ride and twirl.
She can love me, she can even hate me,
as long as she knows I want be fuckin Amy.
Not anymore, I'm done with the bitch.
She wanna play games, but the gears about to shift.
You see that sexy guy? He's next on my list.
Green eyes, nice lips, and have you seen his biceps?
I'ma get him in the room, whisper some things to em,
take my shirt off, then he gon' stop breathin.
Shake his hand and tell em that I'm Kenny.
Then we're gonna strip so he can If you seek amy!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Beautiful Nightmare

Hey, Dolls! I've joined the masses and made a Tumblr account. I will still try my best to update this thing, but Tumblr is like twitter for me; It's easier to to maintain lol. Tumblr is like my twitter and Blogger is like my Facebook. That may not make since to you, but it does to me hahaha. I am still gonna post the same stuff I do on here, minus all the words. Porn vids will be on my Tumblr, hot guys, naked pics of hot guys, and other random crap. So get upoff your lazy ass and follow my Tumblr for your life :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Long Time, No Blog.

It has been such a LONG time since I last updated this thing. I've been busy with life again... I've been doing so much. STILL working on my novel, getting back into my photography, TRYING TO FIND A J.O.B, Drinking lol, and I recently added a new thing to my list of hobbies. I write music now!!!! Actually I've been writing music since I was about 13, but I never really thought I'd go far with it because I can't sing, but I just started rapping and I've had positive feedback on it. I'm not saying I'm a lil Kim, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj or Jay Z, but I guess I'm decent. I have no interest in perusing a career out of it, it's just a lil hobby and something fun to look back on one day and say I loved doing. I just posted my first Christmas Song on youtube today and I'm happy with it. I wont be posting any music from my mixtape I'm making until I'm done with it. I doubt that will be anytime before April, but we'll see. I also want to say I'll blog more, but I doubt it. I like doing it, but life gets in the way and it just becomes something that gets thrown off to the side. I'll do as much as I can tho. I'm about to find a model to post up right now :) lol.

Here's the vid to my song "Santa's Gon' Cum". It's a fun song. nothing serious :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"You Look Gay!"..

Am I the only person that doesn't get why gay people get mad when someone says "You look Gay" or why gay people find it necessary to tell another gay guy that they look gay? If you're gay and someone tells you that you look gay, where does the problem come about? It's like getting mad when someone says "you look black" to me; why would I get ad that I look like something that I am. I can understand the reason to be upset if they're trying to say it in a bad way. The other day this guy told me that I look gay and I told him I was and he had the most dumb founded face I have ever seen in my life. As if he expected me to get mad and go off on him; I simply smiled and said "I am gay" and he was thrown for a fucking LOOP! I don't understand why he thought he should tell me what I look like when he's walking around with pants hanging down to his fucking ankles, but I digress.

Gay people, we must stop[ with this self loathing and get it together. We're never going to get the rights we want and need if we are turning our back on our selves. Be proud of being gay because no matter what you do you always will be gay. You can live your life in a lie all you want, but you and I both know that that craving for the same sex isn't going to go anywhere. Life is too short to lie to yourself. If someone doesn't like you then you don't need them in your life; it's that simple.

I have to go now. I need to find my model of the week and get some school work done. I'M SO BEHIND. BYL, Dolls!

I'm living a "Teenage Dream"

So The latest album I've decided to invest in is Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" and I'm pretty excited that I did. I love "California Gurls", but the song "Teenage Dream" Really just set it in motion for me to go buy the album. Idk why, but "Teenage Dream" just does something to me. I lover her voice in the song and the lyrics are so cute, I really love it!!!! If you haven't gotten this album and you're a fan of her music I say your really should! I'm enjoying it VERY, VERY much!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hey, Dolls!

Hey, Dolls! How is everyone? I've been away for a lil while just hanging with the bf and trying to get my school work done. How a pretty busy weekend and trying to get everything to calm down a bit. I promise that I wont disappear like I have before when things got to busy. I'm still going to try and get at least 3 posts a week in lol. May not be a lot, but on a busy week that may be all I can do. School is fine I guess, I just have 2 essays I need to get in by Friday... smh I hate History classes! LOL anyway, the pic above is me and my camera shy bf. 3 forces were against me in that pic: Bad lighting, him being camera shy, and I was moving too damn much. I'll get a better one for you nosy humans out there lol. Well IO'm off to take a shower and get my day started. Have a good one, Dolls! BYL

Friday, August 13, 2010


I'm sure by now most of you have seen this video. I just want to bring it to the attention of those who haven't. I'm not going to make a long post about this. I'm just going to shake my fucking head and allow you guys to see why I don't like the news. 

Can a Video Game Ruin Your Life?

My friend Johnathan made a video the other day responding to someone asking him if he thought video games could ruin someones life. He made some valid point and I will be posting the video at the bottom of this post. So let me put my $100 bill in LOL!

I SOOOO understand how a video game CAN ruin your life. I'm not much of a video game person, but I do have my days where I play games for very extended amounts of time and miss important things. I won't touch a game for like 6 months and then for like 2 weeks to a month I'll play a game NON STOP, Even avoiding Twitter; y'all know I love my twitter! I don't think I have ever went to the extent of missing work, or failing a class because of it tho. However, I can see how it can be taken that far. People become addicted to some many things in life, so I'm sure people can be addicted to playing video games, but it's important for the gamer to remember that the game is not going to pay his/her rent or work for his/her education. I remember my longest time avoiding life to play a game was when I had some Mario game at the age of 14. I couldn't beat that game for SHIT, but I was determined to do it! I played that game for like 2 months straight! I got so little sleep... Maybe that's why I sleep so long now; I'm regaining those lost hours. LMAO

How long have you guys avoided life and all it's joys just to beat a game? Let's talk Dolls. BYL!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You are NOT Perfect!

I was just going on a rant on twitter because I saw someone say something about how they were too good looking to be talking to ugly people and by his previous statuses I believe he wasn't joking. After I saw that I unfollowed him and went on my tangent. I can not stand when someone thinks they are too good for anything, especially too good to be friends with someone they think isn't very attractive. It is impossible for anyone, male or female, to be the best looking person on this earth. Someone will always think there is someone else that looks better than you. Beauty varies from person to person, and Just as I feel Angelina Jolie is magnificently beautiful, some people don't understand why I think so.

Even if you are blessed with stunningly beautiful features, people will ignore all that if your attitude sucks. Thinking you're perfect and too good for stuff just makes you look like an asshole, in my opinion; an asshole that I will not associate myself with. Sometimes I'll joke with my friends and say things like "I am perfection", but they all know I'm joking. I would have to reevaluate my life if I seriously thought I was perfect. There is no such thing as perfection amongst humans and because we all have different ideas and ways of thinking, there never will be. Some people really ought to take a slice of humble pie and get their shit together, but I'm not in the business of telling people what to do. If you feel you're perfect, just know that you're the only person that thinks that.

I understand that there will always be those types of people, but what I don't understand is why some people choose to associate their selves with these people. If I had become friends with someone and i felt we were getting really close and all of a sudden their personality flipped like that, I would completely cut them out of my life. Basically what I wanna say is that, no one is perfect so no one should act like it. Don't think you're too good for something because karma will take the express route to your ass and turn shit upside down. Treat others the way you'd like to be treated. BYL, Dolls!

Tyra and I Think So Much Alike :)

So last night I was writing down some new photo shoot concepts and I got a couple ideas for a shoot I've been wanting to do for a very long. Everyone has insecurities and things they consider to be flaws about themselves. Learning to embrace those flaws and get over the insecurities will do you so much good. That's basically what the whole shoot will be about "Loving the Skin Your In" and trust me, it takes a lot to get there. Some people think that I don't really have insecurities because I don't seem to talk about the, but I have SOOO many. Hopefully, me putting my own flaws and insecurities out there, it'll help someone else learn or try to embrace the beauty in their own flaws.

That's basically what my role model, Tyra Banks, did in her new photo shoot and theme for her "Magaline" I swear I didn't know about all of that when I started jotting down ideas last night. I was really thinking like Tyra y'all; I just love that so much! I hope I can get my shoot done soon :) BYL, Dolls!

Why Did Beyonce Decide to Give Me So Much Life?

It's as if Beyonce woke up and said "You know what? I'm gonna give Kenny so much life, he just might die!" I can't believe my eyes right now. Beyonce has done some AMAZING photo shoots, but nothing this daring and edgy. I love the pics it's a side of B I haven't seen before. I know it's a shoot for her clothing line "House of Dereon", but I feel this should also be a bridge to take this edginess to her next album; Just my opinion. I am just in AWE of these photos, I can't stop obsessing over them. Those tats, That blonde hair, it's all just one big ball of Happiness!!! I need to find out where to get those fake tat's from. My creative juices are flowing :)

Awww, The Joy of Having Shelby In Your Life

I was going through some of my older vids on photobucket and saw a lot of me and my best friend Shelby. It made my heart smile to relive those old days even tho most of the time she was trying to hide her face lol. I always have a great time with my best friends mainly because I choose them very wisely. Anyway, these are a couple of vids that I found. I'm warning you, I was a mess in high school lol.

When Shelby worked at Limited Too

Valentines day 06(I think)

Shelby being a BITCH... AGAIN! lol

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Control" - Character Bio: Anya

I know I originally said I would only post Character bios on the characters after I finish the Chapter, but I'm feeling really excited and in the mode to write so here is the second one lol. This Character, Anya, is my Russian character of the book. When I first created her in May she was 19, but after I developed a back story for her I decided to raise her age to 30; it just fit better to me. I love the feel of Russian spy's and what they can bring to a good action film/novel, but I didn't want to go with a cliche too much. Really she wasn't supposed to be the second chapter, but I really wanted to get my ideas for her written down. I love my Anya and I hope you do too!:

Anya Ivanova

Anya is a woman of few words, but when she does speak a beautiful Russian accent flows from her mouth. Born and raised in Russia, she only recently moved to the U.S in search of a man that murdered her mother and father when she was a child. Now 30 years old, she has acquired a vast array of martial arts skills for combat, and thanks to one of her uncles she has a great knowledge of almost all weaponry. Standing at about 5’9” and weighing around 135lbs, she is in great shape and with all the daily exercise she does, she maintains the shape. She has beautiful Olive Green colored eyes that, with her black hair, make her all the more mysterious looking. After years of training, she could be considered a Russian spy, but she has no interest in bringing down America as her family does. Anya simply wishes to seek revenge and will stop at nothing to get it.

Anya is a “straight to business” type of person. She’s not a fan of playing games or beating around the bush, so usually she’s a very blunt and straight forward person when having a conversation. She’s very skilled in the art of deception and has learned the English language and speaks it fluently in her quest to seek revenge on her parents’ murderer. Anya isn’t very close to many outside of her family, so she has pretty much kept to herself. Only concerning herself with her main focus in America, she does whatever she feels necessary to accomplish her goal. She usually goes by the alias “Jade” to avoid detection.

Anya has the ability to summon the ghosts of people that have died in her surrounding area; they appear only as a partial image of their old self, now looking totally demonic. The ghosts act as her servants and follow her every command. She can make them become tangible or intangible at will, making them great fighters. She also has the ability to make psionc weapons that do either mental or physical damage depending on what she deems necessary; ranging from just slightly knocking someone unconscious or even sending them into full on comas to slicing through even steel. Another ability she has is the ability to travel through shadows. As long as there is enough shadow space she has an instant escape route. However, she can only travel to places if she has been there before or can physically see it. 

I think I Just Died and Went to Heaven!

This has to be one of the FUNNIEST episodes of Family Guy I have ever seen! I swear this episode had me DYING! I think you guys will love it to if you haven't seen it already.

Bitch, PLEASE! It's DIY Time!

OMFG, how many times have you guys seen shades like the ones in the pics above and really wanted them, only to see that price tag and turn your head? I have done it COUNTLESS times. I was just on my friend Reggie's blog and saw this pair of shades that I was in love with. So I go to the website of the person who makes the shades and CHILE, I'll be damned if I pay those prices for some shades. Granted, the shades were all so nice, but I do not have Beyonce money and even if I did I wouldn't pay that much! So I got to thinking about how I was already going to make a pair of shades for a photoshoot I have planned, so I might as well do more. The shades in the first pic is actually made by that girl. She did herself as a DIY project. I've done so many DIY things and I'm sure this won't be any harder than those. I basically know how to do the shit already anyway. If you're big on arts and crafts like me than this should be fun for you to do also if you want those looks without that huge price tag. I'm going to make some really soon and post some pics of it for you guys to see. My cheap ass will NOT be buying those $100+ shades when I KNOW I can do it myself.

Movie Review: The Tooth Fairy

Let me tell you guys about this HORRID movie my boyfriend made me watch! So on Sunday I went over to his house after he told me he wanted me to see this movie he has. I went over thinking it was going to be good by the way he described it. So I get there and within the first 5 minutes of this film I was already HIGHLY disappointed. So basically, back in the day this lady used to lure little kids to her home when they were about to lose their last baby tooth. She would tell them that she would trade them something that they really wanted for the tooth, but when they tried to give it to her she'd just kill them. NOW, let me stop right there for a second. The first scene of the movie just about shows you all of this and what made me disappointed the most was how the bitch was killing people with a toy Axe! YES, a toy Axe! I'm sure that's not what they wanted it to seem like, but that's what the fuck it was and what it looked like! So I'm sitting there laughing at the first fake ass murder seen with ketchup(I'm assuming) flying on the walls in unbelievable patterns and wondering why the hell the lady didn't sound like a lady. Like honestly, the bitch sounded like a drag queen that smoked a little too much. Anyway, the movie goes on to show this 12 year old girl named Pamela and her mom on their way to a Bed and Breakfast that her moms fiancĂ© had just opened up. They get their and Pam starts searching around the place and soon becomes friends with a ghost of one of the kids the Tooth Fairy killed. She doesn't know the girl is a ghost tho. Pam gets into an accident and looses her last baby tooth and that's when the Tooth Fairy starts coming after her. I'm going to take a step back again. The mom's fiancĂ© quit his job of being a lawyer to open up a bed and breakfast pretty much in the middle of nowhere... Now I don't know about guys, but if I go to school for 8+ years I am not quiting the job I get for ANYTHING. Even if that bed and breakfast was his "passion" why the hell would he open it in a place he isn't going to make any money at? And why was every woman in the movie a blonde? the only female in the movie that wasn't a blonde was Pamela.

Back to the movie, there was like 2 other people staying there(some blonde chick and some guy) that basically just wanted to fuck each other... Look I'm tired so I'm about to tell you how they kill the dumb bitch lol. The still her tooth box and burn her. It took them forever to kill her tho because I guess the fire wasn't doing enough so they had to spray more gasoline and burn her more. once she died all the little ghosts of the kids that she killed came and took their tooth and supposedly flew off into heaven. What I don't get is how the hell did the kids know what tooth was theirs? there were like 30 teeth in that damn box and they all just picked em up and assumed it was theirs. And while the Tooth Fairy was still burning she was running after Pam with that damn toy Axe. every time she swung it at her she missed which was really dumb, she could have just thrown it. The way the Tooth Fairy killed this one hippy lady was pretty awesome tho. I mean it looked so fake, but if it was executed better it would've been an interesting thing to see.

Basically everything about this movie was just awful. The acting, the characters, the stunts, the weapons, the plot.. it all sucked! I was so mad at him for making me watch this movie, but he said since he had to sit there and watch it so did I lol. I had never heard of this movie before Sunday, and now I know why. It was made sometime in 2006 and if you guys are interested in seeing it, you should see if you can find it anywhere. I wouldn't recommend it, but hey, do what you want lol.

Model of the Week: Thiago Drewry

"Control" - Character Bio: Dereon&Omari

As promised, I'm posting the character bios of the first 2 main characters of my book "Control" which I am working hard on perfecting. The picture above I'm pretty sure some of you may recognize as an older pic of mine. I re-edited it to make it fit the way I want the cover of my book to look. It won't look exactly like this, but I have no camera to take a new pic so I'm using this as sort of a rough draft; You should get the basic image I'm going for. I will use this image for every blog post that's completely about the book. Ok so these first 2 characters are twins named Dereon and Omari. These 2 characters were formed by my perception of myself. Dereon has my personality just a lot more toned down, in the beginning of the story and Omari is me just way more blunt, rude and Obnoxious; I pretty much made him by thinking about the thuggish persona I have in some of my photos. I wanted the first couple chapters of my book to be about 1 main character each until all 7 or 8 were covered, but I thought putting the twins together would be a great idea. One of my close friends, Kimo, likes the 1st chapter very much and so do I. I didn't in the beginning, but after making a lot of alterations I'm in love. So here are their character bios:

Dereon Evans

Dereon is 23 years old, 5’11” and weighs about 160 lbs. He’s African American with a medium brown skin complexion and eyes that are a dark jade green color. His eyes change to a dark glowing blue color while he’s using his powers. He has lips that are in the middle of not too big and not too small, that even more complement his already soft facial features. He has a swimmers type body, but doesn’t flaunt it like his brother does; he’s a bit too shy for it. The body he has is perfectly suited for the American Eagle/Abercrombie and Fitch clothes he frequently wears. Dereon isn’t very active so it’s a wonder how his body stays as toned as it is. He’s more on the chill and laid back side as opposed to his brother whom can’t sit still to save his life. Being an all-around pretty much calm guy, Dereon doesn’t function on emotion too much, he functions more on logic; Thinking things through rather than acting on impulse.

Dereon is the type of person that accepts everyone for who they are. He doesn’t dislike any one group of people because of prejudice thinking; being gay, he knows the feeling of being discriminated against by people that know nearly nothing about you. However, he will dislike a certain person because of an action they’ve taken against him. Being so down to the earth and humble is really one of his greatest qualities; that and he is very smart. His worst quality is his so obvious weakness which is his fear of insects. Basically since he was a kid he’s been very much afraid of bugs and can’t seem to get over the phobia. He’s very good at controlling his abilities, but put a bug around him and all hell breaks loose and he loses that control, even with the smaller bugs.

Dereon has amazing telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Being a telepath grants him the power to read minds, project his thoughts into the minds of others, and mentally stun people, among other things. Having telekinetic abilities allows him to levitate and manipulate objects and others, including his self; allowing him to fly and generate force fields. He also has partial precognition abilities. This ability is uncontrollable and come to him as visions at random times.

Omari Evans

Just like his twin brother, Omari is 23, 5’11”, but weight about 5 lbs more. He also has the same facial features except for eye color. Omari’s eyes are a sapphire blue color until he uses his powers. They then become a dark glowing green. Because their eyes so closely match the color of the others almost completely, they look like the other when they’re using their powers. Omari works out and is a lot more active that his brother so, naturally, his body is a lot more muscular and defined. His attire is much different than his brother’s as well. Omari dresses almost identically to that of the rappers you see on T.V today. His personality is also opposite of his brothers being as he’s obnoxious and rude to just about everyone. Omari only cares for a handful of people and his brother is at the top of that list. The quickest way to set off his temper is to do something bad to Dereon.

Omari’s best and worst quality is his quick temper. When he’s angry his abilities get stronger, but he also tends to lose control; getting him angry would be one of the worst mistakes you’d ever make in your life. Omari is very impulsive and functions on his emotions. Nothing he does is completely thought through and it’s the way he’s always been. When he’s very angry, he becomes a very powerful force to be wrecked with.

Omari has weather animation and manipulation abilities. He can create any form of precipitation like rain or fog and can make winds all the way up to and including hurricane force; he can also travel as fast as those winds can while still having the ability to breathe normally and be protected against air friction when traveling at those high speeds. With his ability to create and manipulate the weather, he can raise and lower the humidity and/or temperature in his surrounding area, and has limited immunity to extreme heat or cold.  He can induce lighting and other atmospheric effects and can also direct the path of them with his hands. He flies by creating winds strong enough to carry himself and others.

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Weekend Was AMAZING!

So how was everyone's weekend? Mine was GREAT! Friday I went out with the guy I've been talking to for a bit and I met some of his friends and OMFG were they wild lol. They all wanted to get me drunk since they were drinking, but ya'll know Kenny is not one to be getting drunk so I only had a little. Because I hadn't eaten all day drinking the little bit of alcohol got me SOOO tipsy! I need to remember never to do that again lol. not before long the boy(David) asked me if I would be his boyfriend. Now idk if it was the alcohol or what, but I said yes even tho we've only been talking for 2 weeks. I like and all, but I planned on dating people for a longer time than that AND he asked in front of all those people, I didn't wanna embarrass him :(. So now Kenny K. Royal is off of the market, but do NOT get it twisted, I will always be the sexual, foul mouthed, outspoken, and ditzy Kenny you all know and love :). And don't think I'm going to become one of those people that talks about their relationship all the time because I'm not that kind of person. I'm open about so much in my life, but I keep certain details about things to myself(unless you're a best or REALLY close friend). My relationships, school, and things that really affect me emotionally are all things that I don't speak to much on. I may talk about them, but I won't get into detail unless I believe it's necessary.

So pretty much all weekend I spent time with him and now school is back in :( after only a week for a break! this SUCKS BALLS! I'm going to get through this tho lol. Anyway, I hope you guys had a nice weekend. I'll BYL(blog you later), Dolls!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Full Head of Hair!

So last night I made a some more clip in hair pieces for when I go Blonde I can wear them through my entire head. As you can see in the photos they are not my right color. My "natural" blond shade is more of a medium to dark golden blond. So in 4 months(maybe sooner) when I go to the salon to get my hair colored back to blond, I'm going to have them color my extensions too. If it costs too much extra money for them to do that I'll just try my hardest to dye it myself so it can blend correctly. Right now the hair is a strawberry blond shade so it shouldn't be that hard to change it.

It took me about an hour and a half to make all the hair pieces last night, but that was because I kept taking breaks. It might have been just an hour or 45 mins had I not. The hair hair i bought from sally's is a bit thin so What I did was just double it up. I would measure the length of my head where the hair was going to go then I would cut a piece off then line that piece up with another until they matched perfectly and cut again. Sew them to a clip on each end of the weft and BAM, you got hair. If you're better at sewing it'll cut your time in half as well. It may be a bit time consuming, but at least you're not over paying for something right?

O.k, I'm done. I'll Blog you Dolls later :)

Eminem ft. Rihanna "Love the Way You Lie"

OMMFG this video is the BEST! Where has Eminem been all my life with this song AND video??? If he doesn't win a Video of the Year award or Best Video award for this I think I may have to punch a bitch in the face, especially after Beyonce won for "Video Phone" which in my opinion SUCKED ASS! I mean, the more I see "Video Phone" I kind of like it a little, but I still feel that it was a bad choice of a video. Now THIS video is the SHIT. The actors chose for it were awesome. I am specifically happy to see Megan Fox because she's so fucking sexy; I might have to go straight for her! The editing was on point, it was all just executed so well. This is one my favorite videos of the last 2 years by FAR and My FAVORITE video of this year. I can't see how anything would top this.

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